View Of The Three Sisters from the deck at Mt. Bachelor

Mt. Tumalo from Mt. Bachelor






We began winding our way up Tumalo Mountain at 8AM today to take advantage of the cool morning air. It was about 42 degrees when we began our ascent. Mount Tumalo is a shield volcano9one with gently sloping sides forming a dome shape). The other type of volcano is the stratovolcano( A steeply sloped jagged volcano). The stratovolcano is more explosive and unpredictable--Mt. St. Helens. The trail passes through a mature Ponderosa Pine forest and gets progressively steeper without a let up until the summit is reached at 7780 feet. We traveled 1340 vertical feet upward in 2 miles! Beautiful vistas accompanied us from Mt. Bachelor to the South and Broken Top and Sister mountains to the northwest. There were gorgeous wildflower covered meadows near the top where only stunted pines were able to grow. The trail was nice and wide in most places and without large obstacles. We sat at the top for quite some time and enjoyed the beautiful vistas and aroma of pine. We were alone at first but passed many people on our way down-testimony to the early start. Erin did incredibly well on the quite grueling hike. We then drove across the highway to Mt. Bachelor and rode the chairlift up 1360 feet to Pine Marten Lodge which is open for summer recreation. There we enjoyed the views. This is a volcano area. There are mountain lions,wildcats and many other animals. It used to be a common policy to put out forest fires early. They learned this did not allow the forest to cleanse itself through more frequent burning which produced a cooler fire which did not harm the large trees. It produced and maintained a rich and lush forest. By not allowing periodic fires very rich fuel built up on the forest floor and when a fire did start it was devastatingly hot and consummed all trees. This produced barren areas that would take 15 years to begin reforestation. Mt. Bachelor and the Tree Sister mountains are volcanic mountains which will some day erupt. Mt. Bachelor is only about 11000 to 15000 years old-young by geologic standards. The summit of Mt. Bachelor is 9065 feet. It is a popular ski mountain.

We all had a well deseved lunch at The Pine Tavern. We sat upon the Deschute River on a deck and enjoyed the gorgeous vista. Bill and I had seafood pasta-fabulous. Barb and Erin had Steak Caesar Salads. Nancy had Salmon Caesar. Then Barb embarrassed us all when she asked to buy the napkins! She walked away with four unusual floral pattern napkins. The restaurant refused to take any payment! The entertainment at lunch was people watching and napkin folding. The people watching was a censored event! The ladies then ditched us and went--yep---shopping!

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