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It is hard to take a photo when you are a passenger in a '83 can of tuna fish going 10 km per hour on a pothole-burdened, muddied road that leads from Siem Reap to the Thai border. Therefor, there are, nor will there be, photos for this entry. There is, I believe, a few seconds of digital movie footage of us bouncing up and down. Release date - unknown.

We left our guest house early the morning after visiting the ruins. It is a bit comical when you get in the van, and everyone eagerly says, "Are you ready for the ride?" "It's gonna be a bumby ride?" "Did you know this is the worst road - in the whole world?" "Wow, this road is supposed to be wicked bumby, like really bad, eh." "My butt hurts already, I wonder how bad its gonna feel in eight hours, ha-ha-snort-snort-ha-ha."

Then again, its not that comical.

So everyone is "clued into" the fact that this road is notoriously unpleasant. Enough already, I say, and let's get moving. Again, though, the good news is always that the bad news is easier to take if you know the news ahead of time. As it turns out, the road is bumby - indeed, very bumby - but we thank, not god, but Apple for inventing iPods and the Kevin in Phnom Penh who was able to put new albums on said gadget and we bounce and listen to new music the whole way to the border.

Oh, yes - the border. Everyone is happy to arrive at the border, and although - as always - there are a few unsure moments the worst part of this crossing is behind us. After waiting a remarkably long time for our bus to Bangkok we are rewarded with by far the nicest bus we have yet had on our travels. A big ol' double-decker flash-machine, worthy of the Austin Powers world tour, screening such fine films as "Torque" - a true story about disillusioned biker gangs who through struggle and determination find not only the love they seek in adventure, but get a chane to do wheelies also. Moving, yet raw.

It is after 1 am when we cruise smoothly back into Bangkok. We sleep-walk to our now familiar guest house and sleep soundly until morning.

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