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Just a small part of the scenery in the area

Walking through the National Park






A new tree fern shoot forming

Huge, huge Mountain Ash trees

Check out how big the base of that tree is


Even the car park area was gorgeous

These little fellows were there to greet us


In the grounds of the cafe we found a secret garden!




The devestation left behind after the fires - 2 years on







We toyed with the idea of staying another day in Lakes Entrance but decided instead to continue on our travels heading closer to Phillip Island. We traveled through Bairnsdale, Sale and into Yarram. This looked like a cute little town so we decided to stop for the night. We found a lovely little caravan park just on the edge of town where the van park owners lived in an amazing heritage home on site which used to be the doctors residence many years ago. Oh how I would have loved to see inside this gorgeous home!! We very quickly parked the van, unhitched the car, then jumped back into it to make the most of what had turned out to be a beautiful afternoon. We had been advised that the nearby Tarra Bulga National Park was definitely worth a look. We headed out of town and started driving through the most beautiful countryside - rolling hills that were so incredibly green. Once the road entered the park it became very narrow and winding uphill - so glad we did not attempt it with the caravan on the back! As we reached the top of the hill we came upon an area displaying signs asking us to be aware of logging trucks then a short distance further on the scenery opened out to an area that was absolutely devastated. We were appalled and wondered what could have caused this - surely not the loggers? A little bit further on and we finally reached the car park where we grabbed the backpacks and headed off for a walk. It was amazing! We have walked in a few rain forests by now but this one was absolutely spectacular. HUGE tree ferns, giant Mountain Ash trees, lush, moist gullies and a suspension bridge. We were in absolute awe at the beauty of it all. After our walk we decided to stop off at a little cafe right next to the car park for a coffee. We got talking to the new owner and when we asked about the devastation we had seen on our drive up here she explained this was the remains of the terrible fires that swept through Victoria 2 years ago. We had no idea that the fires had been in this area and were very sad to hear of the 20 or so lives that were lost in this area alone. She told us that the locals were still traumatized by that time with many of them selling up and leaving and those that remained still having trouble talking about it. We were very saddened by what these people must have been through.

That evening we decided to take the short walk into town to the pub for a meal. Gorgeous pub with a roof completely made of glass and a really yummy meal. We are so glad we stopped in this cute little town when it would have been so easy to drive on through.

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