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Helen at Surfers Paradise

Gareth at Surfers

Gareth waits for that call from Freemans catalogue ;-)

Gareth is like a fish...

Sunset at Surfers Paradise

Oooooh... He's just soooo cool :-)

Poor Rachel has no idea we took this photo ;-)

Rachel and Helen outside Hard Rock Cafe

Gareth outside Hard Rock Surfers

The full clan...

"Lisa", the waitress. This one is for Will Rossiter!!

Hey ho dudes...

How's it all going there!!?? Well it's 9am as I type this, so bare with me. It's all very good for you guys getting up first thing in the morning but us backpackers don't know the meaning of the word! Rambling around the world is hard work you know, so we need our beauty sleep!

Anyway, so here we are, in sunny self styled 'Surfers Paradise' - and yes, Gareth is not going to hide the fact that he had reservations about the place!! But...


It's not that bad! The area is well organised, it's not sleazy here - it's safe - and well organised around the traveller. What more could you want? Oh yeah - the weather is fantastic here. It's also full of million dollar yachts, world class theme parks and great eateries - so don't listen to the hype - if you get the chance check it out! - and stay more than 10 minutes!!

Sure - the high rise is everywhere - and all the people are the beautiful California types, but get past the plastic surgery and look at the area! Lots of lagoons, beaches and wildlife too!

So there! It's all good after all!

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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