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view from the minibus window

here comes the ice cream scooter! with the broken down van in...

the view from our accomodation on the river in vang vieng

off we go with hannah and pablo

woo hooo!!

james goes flying!

chillin with a beer laos

lazy days

doesn't get much better than this!!

james gets new wheels!!

Hi guys

we jumped on the minibus for the short 4hr journey down here and ended up breaking down!! Our short journey turned into 8hrs with a flat tyre and a burst radiator both at the same time! It was ok though the driver of another minibus came to our rescue and changed the tyre and fixed the hole in the radiator with a piece of bamboo!! Its amazing what you can do with bamboo! While we were waiting the ice cream scooter came past aswell, always a bonus!!! Plus we did travel through the most amazing scenery, so mountainous and green, so the journey wasn't all that bad!!

Anyway we are now here in the tiny town of vang vieng, famous on the traveller circuit for its tubing!! The town is great, it has loads of bars which play reruns of friends all day, wicked or you can opt for simpsons or a movie!!

We came here with pablo and hannah and have been having a ball. We have been tubing twice now. You get taken up river about 3km in a tuk tuk then left to float back to town on an inner tube of a tractor tyre. Sounds ok but what makes it great is the fact that there are loads of rope swings and ariel slides to stop at on the way down, the price for a go is a bottle of beer! Hard times lol!! Needless to say everyone is mightily jolly by the time the reach the bottom and it took us 6 hours the other day to get down the river!!!

Apart from that we have been chilling out and drinking!! Think we are going to explore a cave tomoz but we will see what time we get up!!!

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