Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

Spent the day sleeping in, and updating this site with all my germany travels. Hung around with the other regulars here at the hostel. Did some food shopping which is my least fav thing to do...especially in Ireland. Everything is expensive, the stores are always busy, can never find what I'm looking for and you have to bag your own groceries. Which is fine but they expect you to be fast.

I also emailed a guy about a flat in city center that isn't available until the end of Jan but that would be good since I need to make money before I can pay for the place if I get it. I've arranged to go look at it tomorrow. Hope it turns out!

I had a horrible night sleep. I was awoken by the girl they put in my room who was drunk and shouldn't have been since she had cerebral palsy and was being brought into the room by a couple of guys, one who I knew. It was a very confusing scene. The girl was really upset and the one guy was trying to sleep in my room. I hate living in a hostel. Eventually got rid of the guys and the girl passed out.

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