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Today we visited the country of Liechtenstein which sits between Switzerland and Austria, among mountain ranges that rise steep and rugged above the Rhine River. The country is only 24.6km long and 12.4km wide. The Austrian prince Johann Adam Von Liechtenstein purchased the countries of Schellenberg (1699) and Vaduz (1712) from impoverished German nobles and gave them his name. It was for a long time a principality under the Holy Roman Empire until it gained independence in 1866. After the Anschluss (Nazi Germany’s takeover of Austria) Prince Franz Josef II came to live in the country. It was him and his wife who transformed a poor rural nation into today’s rich banking state. Their son Prince Hans Adam II , ascended the throne on the prince’s death in 1989.

We headed first to the resort of Malbun at 1,600m. The drive up gave us spectacular views over the Rhine valley and the Alps. At Malbun we found the Panorama trail around the valley. As well as great views we Marmots who certainly let you know they were around with their high pitched squeaks.

After our walk we headed back down to the capital of Liechtenstein and wander through this rather ultra-modern centre with the odd historic building thrown in. We looked up to the royal palace Schloss Vaduz high on the cliffs above the town.

On arriving back at the coach we went to our fridge and on the left hand door the flapper piece broke as we tried to close the door. We had to repair it with electricians tape. Another urgent repair when we get back to the UK. The list is starting to grow!

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