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St Davids

St Davids

Farm buildings as we start our walk

A letter box going back to Edward Vll

Coastline near St Davids

Coastline near St Davids

More vegetation on this walk

Another herd of horses

Some a little curious

To let the dog through

The boat house

Unloading silage

We begin our day at St Davids. This is the smallest city in Britain – classified as a city purely because of the presence of a cathedral. We have a brief look through, have lunch and then set off on another ramble. This is the only way we get to see the coastline. We have to make our way along small paths cutting through gorse and other vegetation and they are a little more precarious than yesterday.

Still the scenery is wonderful and we come across the usual herd of horses on the top of the cliffs.

Three hours later we make it back to Pierre and start our journey home. On the way we come across a tractor towing a silage wagon fully loaded. We follow him - the tractor reaching speeds of around 70kms an hour – until he finally pulls into a farm.

David hitches a ride with him back to where the silage is being harvested.

They are away for about an hour even thought it only takes three minutes to fill the wagon that holds 14 tonne. I sit in the car and read a book – I can hear the farmer in the dairy calling on his dogs and cows.

About 8.30 before we make it back to our unit.

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