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We approach Queensland!

Not far to Brisbane...

On the border of Queensland

Welcome to Queensland!!!

Just like home!?

This one is for Hollie Thomas - huge Jack Johnson fan!!

Helen and her Dad - just arrived in Brisbane!

Gareth and Helen just off the river Brisbane. Wow!!

He's a very wierd boy, that one.

Brisbane city centre (CBD)

The River Brisbane

The motorway and the CBD

Brisbane CBD

The Nepalese Temple on the South Bank

The city's Fastcat service - different to a bus!?

These beasts are everywhere!

The city's "beach"

This 'beach' is just a swimming pool!!

Helen next to the River Brisbane

Gareth next to the River Brissy


Hey folks! Greetings from "Brizzy" - home of all the folk in 'Nieghbours' that 'leave Ramsey Street'!!

That aside, we cruised into the city and got stuck in straight away! The drive up from Byron Bay was sweet, lasting only a couple of hours. We drove through the area of Surfers Paradise and the Gold Coast, but as we were on the Motorway we didn't see much of it! Heading over the New South Wales Border into Queensland was a pretty sweet moment.

On the first day in Briz we wandered around, checking out the sights and sounds of the city. On our travels it's taken a lot of stick as a 'village' or somewhere with no soul, but from what we've seen so far the city is making a big effort to kick the spice going - although it knows that it is no Sydney.

One of the highlights of the day was walking along the river, when we came across a 'beach', which had been man-made about 20 metres back from the river. In fact it looks like it's a swimming pool, but it looks like a very snazzy Gold Coast beach!! What a class idea! We ended the day (shock horror) in a pancake house, with Helen guzzling the whole menu! Tomorrow Helen's brother and sister arrive early, so we'll pick them up and then check out more of the town. Soon we'll be heading down to the Gold Coast to check out the scene there - another place where we've heard mixed stories - we'll tell you what we think!

Must go - gonna check the scene!

Lots of love - Gareth and Helen x x x

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