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on the slow boat, think we were about 100 people over capacity...

this is what happened when you fell asleep!!!

the mighty mehkong river

the rescued tiger at the waterfall

taking a refreshing dip

in luang prabang with hannah and pablo

oppssss a repeat but still as crowded!!!

Hey everyone

we made it! We had a pretty long boat ride to get here but it wasn't to bad! We were on the boat for 6hrs the first day, then we stopped off in a tiny village for the night, who's power was supplied by the village generator that went off at 10.30 and plunged us into total blackness, before we travelled further down the river for another seven (no. seven on comp doesn't work!)hrs before we finally arrived tired and with sore bums. We had to sit on tiny wooden benches all the way, some people, nomost actually who were informed of the boat conditions before we set off had bought cushions for 50p but we didnt need them, that was for the sofeties, oh how wrong we were! We sat next to a group of Canadians on the first day, they had come well prepared with cool boxes stacked to the brim with whiskey and mixers, we could tell that it would be fun! They got pretty drunk and one by one fell asleep in turn. While they were out their mates drew some hilarious things on them in permanent marker, def would have to sleep with one oeye open around them!

Anyway we have arrived and laos couldn't be further removed from the hustle and bustle of Thialand.; Its so laid back here, the people arnt trying to sell you everything every time you leave your room, the food is lovely, very similar to thailand there, and the town we are in now is the second largest in laos but it has about 3 streets and probably 1000 people in it! Its tiny, the whole country only has a population of 4mil and with 85% of the country still covered by forest and untouched by humans its just so green and beautiful! Only been here 2 days and love it already, not come across any french speakers yet though, the country was ruled by france for 200 years before they gave it back in 1954!

Oh yeah and we get 18,000 kip to the pound, at the moment we are millionaires, woo hoo!

We met a lovely couple on the slow boat, Pablo and Hannah, and have been hanging round with them for a few days now. We all hired our own tuk tuk yesterday and went to a waterfall about an hour out of town, the road on the way was blocked by water buffalo cruising down the road! That was a sight to behold, they are huge! Anyway the waterfall was great, we had a swim, jumped off a rope swing and managed to get caught in a pretty fierce downpour but we wernt bothered, we just stood there in our bikinis geting soaked! There was also some rescued asiatic bears and a tiger which was cool!

Last night we all went out for a drink, all the pubs close at midnight and the only place left open is, would you believe it but a bowling ally, so that became the drining scene and off we went. Kind of weird but fun all the same!! I even managed to convince James to have a game with me, he kicked my butt! My balls were going everywhere but down the alley!!

Today we have been chilling and tomoz we are catching a bus down to a smaller village that is well known for its tubing activites. Hannah and Pablo are also going so think it should be great!

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