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Went to Blue Nile Falls, passed great #'s of Ethiopians heading for market, little girls(5 to 10 yrs old) speaking great English sales pitches to sell their shawls, etc. Luckily a group of 20+ haolis were coming just as we(Jake & I) passed & the girls took off for better pastures. Later we found out that Bon & Mari hadn't been so lucky...they bought some stuff being thoroughly worn down I guess.

After a short boat trip to nearest monastery in Lake Tana(there are 27 islands and 20 monasteries) and a quick look at the headwaters of the Blue Nile we headed out via minibus to Gonder at 3:30 arr in Gonder at almost 7. Checked in at Quean Taytu Pension...a newly constructed place, we got only room available, 2 beds Jake & I using blankets from beds on tile floor(they had no extra matress). Water quit working just as Mari soaped up her feet and unders! We went out for dinner down steps to main square, also to call Johannas(adopted fellow by Kim and Rene, Dutch friends in Amsterdam) Couldn't reach him, many guides on street tried to recruit us and we asked if they knew Johannas they said which one, I guess there are two in town, ha! While we ate at upstairs restaurant who should walk up to our table? What a surprise! After eating pizza we arr to meet at our hotel at noon tomor...

Feb 10

Morning prayers began about 5 and are still going at 8, longest I have ever heard, the speaker seems to be just outside our window. Then I found out it was not Muslim prayers but Orthodox Christian...they are battling it out for the brains of the people!

Went to see castles esp. Emperor Fasiladas', a UNESCO site very much restored/being restored. Johannas came by w/ minibus(he had spent morning at funeral of a friend who'd died after 2 weeks fighting malaria). Since we had such a short time, he arranged for a picnic lunch and hike a ways out of town where we could see Semia Mts and saw baboons and bl/wht cal. monkeys plus lots of kids herding cows and goats/sheep.

In eve we went to Johannas' home where his mom served us trad dinnerw/ engera(made w/ teff) and different meat/chick pea foods you eat with it. He refused to take any money for covering at least his expenses(he said because we were friends of Kim & Rene). Later, Bon was able to convince him we wanted to help w/ his education and he accepted our contribution to his endevours.

In eve we sadly watched Egypt beat Cameroon in the Africa Cup final 1-0, a good game tho!

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