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Check the sugar cane baby!

Hitting the bridge - Ohio style ;-)

Small town America!!??

Random giant shrimp on the way to Byron Bay...

Byron Bay - peace maaaaaan!

The high street at Byron Bay

Yaaay - On the way to Byron Bay!

Scooby Doo is in town...

This huge Iguana strolled into our cafe!

Our first view of the beach in Byron Bay

The massive bay - check the mountains in the distance...

It's all a bit nice, innit

Stress everywhere

The mountains in the distance...

The lagoon close up

Gareth hangin' out at byron bay!

Hi there!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Byron Bay! It's great up here... the weather is at full power, with temperatures hitting about 25 - 30C. Not too hot and not too cold. It's great being back on the open road, and we're both loving it!

Byron itself is the most easterly part of Australia, so right out on the coast, with huge beaches right along the area. It's very slow here, in a Cornwall type way, so in some ways it reminds us of home. Byron is very much *flower power* and a lot of the people here are a bit slow and dizzy - typically just come off the beach after a surf on their way to a peace march! (I kid you not, there is a peace march on today in town!)

We've managed to find a 'beach side' apartment that is very cheap and have decided to call it home for the weekend. To be fair it was a bit expensive, but all the hostels were booked, so we thought we'd just go for it!

I know a lot of the photos are a bit behind, but we don't have the convenience of super fast Sydney internet anymore! To make matters worse the www.garethjenkins.com address also isn't working at the moment, so we're investigating that!

I guess things in the UK are starting to warm up again now! Hope so - we've had a lot of messages from people who have said how chilly it is back there!

Enjoy what photos are on the sight, but for now - have fun!

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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