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The Lady Stirling - our boat for the next 3 hours

A bit of low cloud/mist/rain today

But the rain meant we got to see lots of waterfalls

When it's dry you only get to see the 3 permanent waterfalls

Which isn't actually very often as Milford gets 7-12 metres of rain...

Fish taken from the underwater observatory

Please stand back from the computer screen to get it in focus

This is a scorpionfish - one of the most poisonous fish there...

Red coral, yellow sponge and white fans (black coral - go black...

Horseshoe mussels (as big as a horseshoe !)

Milford Sound is not actually a sound (caused by river action and...

It is actually a fjord, caused by glacial action followed by sea...

One of the many temporary waterfalls

The Three Sisters Waterfalls

At its shallowest point here it is only 30 metres deep, the...

Fairy Falls (1)

Fairy Falls (2)

Fairy Falls (3)

Beyond the two heads is the Tasman Sea (it got a bit...

Stirling Falls, dropping 146 metres, at their best after rain (yippee!!)

Seafarer Sarah

The cheeky kea (1)

The cheeky kea (2)

After a lovely hour and half drive we were at Milford Sound. Cool things on the way were The Divide, a mountain pass where the scenery/vegetation changes dramatically on either side, the Homer Tunnel, a rough hewn tunnel with a steep gradient some 2 km long, and cheeky kea, alpine parrots. We managed to change our departure time of our boat so that we could also visit the underwater observatory. This was really good as you go 10 metres under the surface and the sealife is lit up, restoring the colours of the spectrum (mainly red and orange) that you lose after 5 metres. It's pretty hard to achieve the same affect whilst diving unless you can take a few hundred torches with you. Next back to Wanaka via Te Anau and hopefully some more Ring-ness on the way.

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