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After the last few days of not very good weather today was picture perfect so we decided to head up the Neisen mountain at 2,362m just south of Spiez. The mountain is known as the Swiss pyramid because of its shape. To get to the top we took the funicular. The construction of the funicular was started in August 1906. On average there was 200 men employed on this challenging construction. In those days there was no cranes or helicopters. The funicular stated service on the 15 July 1910. It was certainly a fete of engineering to build the funicular up the mountain as it was a steep climb up.

At the top we explored the various viewpoints and learnt that the first guest house was built in 1856 and guest climbed the mountain on foot, horseback or were carried up in a sedan chair! We eat our lunch admiring the splendid views before walking the trail down to the middle station at Schwandegg at 1669m. It was not an easy trail being very steep in places, encountering cows who had churned up the path, and the path in places was very rutted. The estimated time on the descent per the trail guide was 2 hours, we took three We were convinced this had been the old route up to the top. However, the views compensated for the condition of the trail.

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