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at the grand palace in our sexy new outfits!

this guy guards the entrance to the emerald bhudda!

outside one of the temples in the grounds

just an example of the decoration around just one door!

and the walls!

the emerald bhudda and its shrine

one of the wall paintings depicting a story (dont ask us what...

the royal residence

and one of the guards!

our unusual street pub with excellent views of the crowds!!

our sleeping quarters on the night train

Hi guys

For our last few days in Bangkok we looked around the world's biggest weekend flee market, well we looked around about a third of it before we got too hot and bothered and left, we picked up a few bargins though, it really did sell absolutly everything!

We also spent a few hours at the grand palace, the royal residence. It was gorgeous, gold everywhere. Its also home to bangkok's most revered bhudda, the emerald bhudda (but its really made of jade!!) As the palace and grounds are sacred we had to adhear to the strict clothes policy of no knees and sholders on view. As a result we both had to borrow some fetching outfits for our jaunt round the complex!! The photo of the emerald bhudda is really blurred, sorry, but we had to do it covertly as you are not allowed to take them really! The bhudda is sat right at the top of the shrine!

We also went to the famous Patpong area, for those that don't know, it's famous for it's sex industry and ping pong shows! For those that don't know what a ping pong show is, well use your imagination and it involves women and alot of different objects!!!

Highly entertaining anyway!

We went back onto Koh San road after our little adventure and found a unique bar with cheap drinks. Basically it was a cart, ladened with spirits and mixers, parked up on the side of the road. He had brought his stereo and put loads of plastic chairs in front of his cart and sold buckets pretty cheaply! He was not short of customers and pretty soon there were loads of people, us included, sat on the side of the road, bucket in hand watching the crowds stream past!!

We are now in Northern Thailand where it is slightly cooler, we found out it had been 42' in Bangkok at some point while we were there, we knew it was hot but thats hot hot!! Anyway we caught the 14hr night train up after the horrid night bus not so long ago! It was alot better, the chairs folded down into bunk beds and a curtain pulled across for a good nights kip, deffinatly a different nights sleep but a good one anyway!

So far we have wandered round and made good use of the pool at our very expensive (but not!) hotel. We paid for it in Bangkok and got truely ripped off! Its nice but we paid way too much so fingers burned and lesson learned, do not go to a travel agents to book anything, do it yourself!!!!

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