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Today was a chill out day during the day. I got some reading done and downloaded my pictures onto Kerstin's computer. Sven and his girlfriend Mikayla came over for coffee. After dinner we went to another birthday party. Kerstin's friend was turning 50. She rented out a youth center and had a free bar and some food. Then I find out that we have to introduce ourselves to 2 people we don't know and tell them about ourselves and how we know the birthday girl. Well, I don't speak german so i'm thinking I don't have to participate....wrong!

I end up talking to these 2 ladies and only 1 of them speaks english but only barely. So I get the gist of who this lady is and how she knows Oula (bday girl) and her name is Zilka. After 15 minutes we have to get on stage and introduce one of the other people we were talking to.

My heart was thumping like crazy. I'm in a room full of germans and I dont speak any german. Yikes. So we get up on stage. The one girl introduces me in German and I have no idea what she says except for the word Canada. Haha. Then my turn. I start off by saying sorry for the english and then introduce the other lady. They all clapped for me afterwards. How cute! Kerstin said most of them would have understodd me but wouldn't be able to say much of anything in english. They all have to learn it in school.

Tried a beer made in France called Desperado which is beer flavoured with tequila...quite good. One lady came over to me afterwards and spoke quite good english and wanted to ask me a million questions about my trip. Which was really cool.

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