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T Anchor Flea Market

Steak House

Our plans today are to visit the local flea market in downtown Amarillo, which we did. It was alright with lots of stuff and the pricing wasn’t that bad. Still didn’t find anything that I needed, so left it all behind. Candy did find a pair of pants she wanted but at the stores they wanted $80.00 for them, she got the same pair here for $20.00, good deal. We left there and stopped at the Hoffmanbrau Steaks for lunch since we had a coupon. The food was really good and the pricing wasn’t that bad. Had lunch so we returned to the motorhome. Candy broke a nail so she needed to find a nail shop to get it fixed, I stay home and watched TV. She stopped at Wal-Mart and got us stocked up on water and provisions for the next few days. That was about it because we couldn’t sit outside, the wind was blowing very hard and got worst thru the night. The weather report was for gust up to 50 mile per hour, which I think it made it. All night the motorhome was shaking from the wind.

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