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Each day of this trip brings something unexpected and today was no exception. The weatherman told us the wind would blow to 30 in the morning and increase to 40 plus with 65mph gusts in the afternoon, so we got smart. Left the campground in Page at 6:30AM, yes folks, Linda was awake, and headed for Flagstaff. Hit a bit more wind than expected coming across the Navajo Reservation including a time when the road nearly disappeared, but it ended quickly. Got to Flagstaff early and headed out I40 to our campground. 20 miles short we came to an abrupt stop, 15 miles before to 10 miles beyond our campground the road was closed due to high winds and low visibility. The short version of the story is that after a three hour wait the police ordered us and 1000+ truckers to turn around. We found another campground and learned later that all hotels and motels are filled because of the storm. On a later journey in the other direction on I 40 we found the road lined with trucks and every truck stop filled to overflowing. That's the good part.

Sometime after the police turned us around, that wonderful, beautiful, sweet hard headed lady that I married decided to inform me that her right eye was severely irritated and painful, and had been all day. Nothing to worry about, she only has a disease that risks blindness with a minor increase in scar tissue. Oh and she also has implants from cataract surgery in both eyes. To the ER we go and she took my normal seat on the gurney. The good news is that the ER doc doesn't see any damage and thinks it is Viral Conjunctivitis. She got some meds and is to see an Opthamologist ASAP. She also received a minor lecture about informing one's partner when in pain. Her excuse, not accepted, is that I had enough to worry about with the wind and driving. I hope she understands now that she comes first in this man's life.

Most of today's pics are more of Antelope Canyon. Just to beautiful not to share.

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