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ooooh i love it!

frosty trees

Ya thats not even the castle..thats another one!

another of the castles

so pretty..still not Neusweinstein

There it is!

through the trees

Kerstin and I and the castle

I love this place!


More castle

So pretty

Jonas took too long to take the pic and now i'm makin...

Kerstin was cold

The Jager house

horse and carriage

We woke up early this morning to drive down to Neuschwanstein. It took about 2 and a half hours to get down there. We stopped on the way at a cute little restaurant in the middle of no where for lunch. I got to try schnitzel. So good! We then continued on our way. The closer we got the more snow there was and all the trees were covere in frost. It was great!

We found ourselves a parking spot and headed to the ticket office. Got a ticket to see the castle and then made the 30 min hike up to the enterance. There are horses that pull carriages that will take you up but of course you have to pay. So we stop along the way to take pictures and I manage to capture what I think is the PERFECT picture. It's of the mountain, with snow and a parachuter in the sky and a cloud hangin in the mountain. Oh my god, i'm getting it blown up and framed I love it that much.

We make our way through the enterance of the castle and WOW! This place is amazing. For those of you that dont know this castle is what inspired the cinderella castle at Disney world and with good reason!!!

We did a tour of the inside of the castle in english. It's stunning inside. King Ludwig is who built the castle. He went a little bit crazy and ended up killing himself and his doctor before the castle inside could be finished. The King's bedroom had a sink with water coming out of a silver tipped swans beak.

He even built a fake cave hallway...oh my god it's so cool. I want one in my house! It's like a little grotto with lights and a waterfall!!! Then we go into a room he built just for operas. Wow. This is when I meet the irish guy on my tour by chance. I made some stupid remark about something and he started talking to me. Of course...I come all the way to Germany and meet Irish guys...why me?! He was a nice enough guy.

Went down through the gift shop and then stopped for a hot chocolate. Then you continue on down to the massive kitchen in the basement before going back outside. It was a lot colder going down the hill as the sun disappeared in the fog that rolled in.

Stopped for a few more photos and then made the long drive back to Nurnberg. I slept most of the way. We got back to Nurnberg in the dark and made it an early night.

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