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Ken in the cable car going over the valley in the Blue...

View of the cable car


View from the cable car of Orphan Rock

View from the cable car

vie from the cable car

Worlds steepest train takes you down to the valley floor


Train platform at the bottom

Here comes the train

cable car going back up again

Views of the blue mountains




Different views of the Three Sisters











We were on the road quite early today as we were pretty excited about the Blue Mountains. I had been worried about the road up, wondering if it may be too steep for the Pumpkin to negotiate but I needn’t have worried – Bessie got her up safe and sound. We did chew up a lot of petrol though going up the hills and the roadwork didn’t help but we got there safely in the end. We had left Sydney in beautiful sunshine dressed in our shorts and T-shirts but when we got out of the car to check into the caravan park at Katoomba we both gasped as the cold hit us – it was icy!!

We then headed up to our site where we had a bit of an incident. Ken backed the caravan onto our site then raised up the jockey wheel to release it from the tow ball but it just wouldn’t seem to release. So, Ken asked me to jump in the car to take the handbrake off the car thinking that little bit of movement on the car would make it happen. Well it did – only trouble is we had forgotten to put the caravan handbrake on or the wheel chocks and all of a sudden I could Ken calling out “Help – Sheena – anyone – Help!” I jumped out of the car and there was Ken frantically holding on to the caravan as it was rolling down the slightly sloped site!! I quickly grabbed the chocks and put them behind the wheels and Ken was then able to release his grip and put the hand brake on. I tell you – our hearts were beating SO fast as we realized just how lucky we had been. As I said the site is sloped slightly backwards and then there is a 1 metre drop down to the amenities block. If Ken had not held onto the van it would have rolled down the drop and smashed into the block. I have no idea how Ken managed to hold on to all that weight and am so thankful he didn’t hurt himself in the process. We were also very thankful that we didn’t have a bigger caravan and that it was me that jumped in the car and not Ken (which is what we have done every other time) as there is no way I could have held on to the van. I tell you that Guardian Angel of ours sure does a good job of looking after us! Ken is now my absolute hero for having the strength to save our little Pumpkin!!

After all that excitement we finished setting up, grabbed some lunch then headed off for a short walk down the road to Scenic World. This is a bit of a tourist attraction set up so that you can gain some pretty amazing views of the massive canyon and towering cliffs of the Blue Mountains. The ticket price included a ride on a cable car going across the canyon (4 times higher than the Sydney Harbour Bridge so they say), a ride on the steepest railway in the world taking you to the valley floor and another cable car to bring you back up again. These rides were fun but I have to admit that it was all a bit too touristy for me so after about an hour or so we left to go exploring ourselves. We walked back to the van, jumped in the car and went for a drive to check out a number of lookouts giving different views of the spectacular scenery. I did take some photos but unfortunately if was quite late in the day and very cloudy so they really do not do it justice. The most spectacular lookout was in town overlooking the ‘Three Sisters’ and beyond – incredible. By this stage it was getting really cold and started to drizzle so we headed back through town, marveling at the absolutely gorgeous buildings, to the warmth of our little caravan. Having a shower that night was definitely a challenge as it was just SO cold but we soon warmed up with our little heater and the hot water bottle helped once we snuggled into bed.

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