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Nathan was very excited to be in a soccer camp

Nathan improved in his soccer skill throughout the week

Nathan likes his coach, Chris, a lot, who blessed us by waiving...

Joani joined the 6-9 years old, Amazing Race Day Camp

Joani made some good friends and really enjoyed playing the various games

She also liked the teacher very much

Olivia enjoyed bowling with Dad and Mom

We also visited the animal shelter and fell in love with the...

The dog was so cute that we wanted so much to adopt...

Olivia did really well playing together with Mom and Dad

We had beach picnic with Uncle Vick and family

Joani performed some acrobatic at the beach picnic

Dinner with Jerry & Michelle - yummy Taiwanese food

Dinner with Pastor George & family - Annie's spiritual mentor

We were thankful to Patricia for lending us 4 bikes for this...

We had a dinner with Annie's mom in appreciation of her help...

This room was our kitchen, dining room, homeschool room, and bedroom for...

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Nathan playing soccer in the camp


The children have been waiting for this week since we arrived in Vancover. This is the week where they can take a break from intensive homeschooling schedule and for each child to join a summer day camp that they would enjoy.

For Nathan, he joined a soccer camp ran by the Richmond Christian Fellowship. Nathan loved kicking soccer ball but had never learned the skills of playing nor have he ever play in a team. He was more than excited. He was estatic to be able to play for an entire week from 9AM to 3PM each day. He was even willing to do some homeschooling after soccer just to have the chance to join it.

Every morning, Nathan would ride with Jon on their bikes and rode about 18km round trip to the soccer camp. Jon had to bike almost 40km each day having to make the trip twice a day. Biking was not easy especially after a whole day of running, but Nathan didn't complain much. In the morning, Nathan would learn various soccer skills and tricks and in the afternoon, they would lay tournaments. The coaches were all surprised at how well and aggressive he played being his first time playing.

On the 2nd day, after one of the coach, Pastor Chris, knew that we were with World Vision and asked for a picture of our family to pray for us. Not only did he offer to pray for us, he also offered to give us back the $50 fee and in addition donated $50 more. What a providence from God and a furthur testimony of His faithfulness and a reminder to trust in God.


Joani picked "Amazing Race" summer camp run by the Richmond Community Center in Thompson because our whole family loves watching Amazing Race, which inspired our 3 months trip in South America. The camp goes from 10:30AM to 2:30PM each day ($65 total).

It was a good opportunity for Joani to interact with other children besides Nathan and Olivia for a long period of time. We were glad to see her adjusting well, very eager to go to the camp each day and able to make few good friends.

The camp didn't really follow too much of the format of "Amazing Race" but Joani enjoyed it nevertheless. She liked the games "Everyone's It", "Shoe Fly", "Heads Up Seven Up", "Octopus", etc. At the end of the 5 days, he got the most stars and can pick a prize, which she picked jumping rope. For the next few days, she used her jumping ropes all day and indoor and outdoor, being very proud of it!


Olivia decided to take the one hour a day Drawing and Cartooning class for her summer camp. She was very excited when she started on the first day but by the end of the one hour she was very discouraged. The other children in the class already have some trainings and all drew much better than her. When they have to work in pairs or to compare drawings she felt lots of pressure. So Annie borrowed lots of drawing books from the library to help Olivia. After two days and seeing how the class which was suppose to be fun turned out stressful for Olivia, we decided to recommend Olivia to cancel the class. Instead, she can have dadddy and mommy all by herself, which she wanted so much after Nathan and Joani were born.

So for the next 3 days, we did different activities together. We first went bowling, in the same bowling alley as the movie Martian Child and then visited the animal shelter. Then the next day we did golfing (Pitch and Putt). Olivia did very well and Annie really got hooked into it. Then the next day Annie, Jon, and Olivia did cartooning, boggle, booking reading, and eating all you can eat Japanese food, together with Grandma Wu to thank her for her hard work during this whole month we were in Vancouver. Olivia was very happy to have this "Mom and Dad Summer Camp"!


Jonathan biked the most in his life during this last week as he had to pick up and drop of each of the three children, who were in different location, each day. At the end of the week, Jon & Nathan were both very dark.

We also having dinners with various close family friends, which were quite special.

The last month in Vancouver has been quite precious, especially being able to spend time with Annie's mother & brother and for her to get to know her grandchildren better. Vancouer, especially Richmond, turned out to be a great place to spend our summer, with the beautiful sceneries and various outdoor activities. Praise be to God!

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