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Taxi Bon & Jake had arranged the day before picked us up at Hotel just past 7 and we arrived at airport in Douala at 9. Sat on steps while ariport came alive(floor cleaners, personnel arriving, etc.) By 11 a line had formed for Ethiopian Air departure to Addis and we joined it. At ck in they informed us we needed onward ticket out of Ethiopia!!! Like we're trying to stay illegally??? Tried to explain our circumstance...overland, long journey, etc. We waited for the manager to arrive and after explaining our sit. and showing ticket out of Joburg in July they let us go. Another wait in waiting room(after 3 more security checks disposing of water etc. even refusing to let us take the soda into the room when they sell it just on the other side of the security station!!!) we took off an hour late at 3.

The flight was great, good food and movie in English besides. Again some delays in getting visa(just too many people) no problems, for $20 US and we exited airport at 11:30. Surprise...Abraham (Enrico & Marta's friend) was there to pick us up...he'd waited 4 hours, not knowing for sure what plane we were on. He took us to the Lido Hotel where he'd made sreservations and we checked in at midnite! Don't know what we would have done if this had not been pre arranged by Marta and Abraham!! What great friends all around!

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