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The Lebkuken house

another look

hansel and gretal

Got to talk to Mom, dad and Aaron this morning. They were just getting home from Midnight mass and visiting with the neighbours so about 2:30am their time. Was weird to not be there with them. But I am in GERMANY so it's ok. Was good to hear from them.

We had to pick up Jonas' grmandma (Oma in german) from her elderly home and take her with us to Jonas' mom's place for christmas lunch. She doesn't speak any english. Neither do Jonas' mom or stepdad. Lovely. They have a dog named Maxyll. He was so cute. I've never seen a dog like that before. He was a bavarian hunting dog.

For lunch we had....A PIGS LEG. Wow. Bone and everything was placed onto my plate. Kersin and I shared one. It was good. A purple sauerkraut like dish that was warm and knudel (mashed potatoes formed into a ball and boiled again) and salad. Was really yummy. For dessert we had bavarian baked apples with chocolate, nutella and pistachios inside. Soooooo good. His mom made an eggnog like liquer we had after dessert.

Then more presents. His mom gave me some fruit cake she made and shower stuff. She made Jonas a huge gingerbread house. She made hansel and gretal and the wicked witch out of marzipan. It was really amazing. But they call it a Lebkuken house. Interesting. But yummy.

We visited there for a long time before heading back to the flat and packing up all of our stuff again. Well not all of it. Just enough for one night. For dinner we went to Jonas' sister's house which is in a town called Greding (Grading pronounced) which is halfway back to Ingolstadt.

His sister Andreas is married and has 3 kids, a daughter and 2 twin boys. So much excitment when we showed up. Dinner was so good. It was called Rakelah I think. We had a huge grill infront of us and there was all kinds of meat marinated for us to grill ourselves and salads and vegetables and potatoes and bread. Stuffed!! We had Chocolate mousse for dessert. The kids tried talking to me lots in german and didn't understand why I dont speak german haha.

We drove to Ingolstadt for the night as we are heading to the castle tomorrow and it's closer to Ingolstadt then Nurnberg.

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