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We headed out to visit Poligny and Salins-les-Bains but got side-tracked when we saw signs to the Gorges de la Langoutte. Here we found a splendid small gorge with plenty of water rushing through it. After exploring that gorge we then continued on to the Cascade de la Billaude. Again another waterfall in full spate. Unfortunately, Daisy slipped on one of the metal steps and damaged one of her front claws but seemed to be OK except some blood.

We then drove through small villages and found a place called Pert de l’Ain a hydroelectric set up through another gorge. There was a trail that took us around the gorge and the surrounding hill which we all enjoyed. Unfortunately, we had walked through afield of high grass and when we returned to the car we found Daisy had quite a few on her. We managed to get rid of them and due to here monthly flea and tick tablet even if they bit her they would have died before they could get attached. Daisy was not having a good day. We also checked ourselves to make sure we hadn’t picked up any of the ‘b……’

We never did get to Poligny. Never mind another day.

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