John and Janet 2016 Utah travel blog


We head into town to get an oil change. What we think is a Valvoline has changed hands. We will wait.

We head east. We continue to check the corn fields. Also, we make sure that the windmills are turning.

We cross into Indiana and are back on Eastern Standard Time. We lose an hour.

We stop in Crawfordsville. It is decision time. The scenic route to Columbus, Indiana is three hours. The interstate is less than two. We get on the interstate.

We have not changed our minds about interstates. We see only the road and the back of trucks. However, interstates do serve a purpose. We have taken the scenic route around Indianapolis many times. Today, we just move from point A to point B.

We are back in our April campground. Unfortunately, the weather for tomorrow is not great. We hope to have some time in the AM to get the pictures around town that we missed in April.

The WIFI at the campground is not good. We decide to get back to our travel maps. We put a U.S. and Canada map on the side of the trailer. The driver side of the RV will eventually get updated.

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