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Mt. Hood

July 11

Day trip to Pendleton, OR, where famous wool blankets have been made since 1909. A very western town with well preserved historic downtown, host (in September) to one of ten largest rodeos in the world, home to saddle makers and 'cowboy/girl' hat shops. And, yes, we bought a hat ( size 7 fits us both).

July 12 - 110 mi., 95*, camped at first Harvest Hosts site ($50/yr, free nights if you buy products at farms/wineries/museums) in Zilla, WA. Where we went to 5 of many many wineries in Yakima Valley.

Lesson learned- four wine tastings in an afternoon should be a limit ( I forgot to retrieve my credit card at #4; had to backtrack from grocery store to get it back! 7 bottles added to GVRWV.)

6:30 pm, 112* outside,95* in trailer, no AC because we are dry camping with generator. Turkeys and chickens and dogs here to entertain Zena. Very small town (Zillah) with vinards everywhere, lots of wineries.

Mt Adams and Mt Ranier are both prominent on near horizon, both sheathed in snow. At 8:00 PTZ there is nary a cloud and temp still high, pure blue above. Stars at night are magnificent above this flat land.

July 13 - "But, it's a dry heat..." Awoke to a 72* clear windless day as did the turkeys and chickens that free range about the wine/farmstead. A rushed foray of young turkeys spooked Zena, but once they slowed and she approached, they retreated in haste. We managed 90 miles before temp entered the 90s and camped near WA/OR border, see pic with Mt. Hood in background where an injured mountaineer was rescued by helicopter today, according to tv news that comes and goes for want of a steady digital signal. Today was still hot, 110* outside. Thanks for AC with 30 amp service campground, we are managing. But it is a challenge. I am reminded of sauna heat, in this weather. "Red flag" warnings are out, no campfires. Zena got into some burdocks and needed us to cut them out of pawpaws; very sharp needles. Called and got a reservation for tomorrow 125 miles west. We are here, bad wifi again, but better than none.

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