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Chesters Roman Fort

River Tees

Chesters Bat h house

Stoke hole

The hot room

The changing room

Daisy looking at the river (dog?)


roman stone floor

Memorial stone

in the museum

Three maids

Terrain over which Hadrians wall was built

Hardrians Wall

Some more wall

How about building it here?


Great work don't you think Dad

Daisy on the wall

Some more wall

Store house

Roman street


Today we headed south from the campground to explore Hadrian’s Wall. The wall was built by the Romans and believed to have been started around AD 122 and was 80 roman miles (73 miles today) long. The fortified wall is considered to have been built for a number of purposes – to protect from northern barbarian raids, to act as a border post and some believe to show off the mighty machine of the Roman Empire.

Our first stop was the Chesters Roman Fort. This fort housed a garrison of 500 troops mainly Spanish. The size of the fort was huge. Today only the outline ruins of the buildings can be seen. The best preserved area was the garrison’s bath house. This was a complex of rooms which offered soldiers hot, cold or steam baths as well as a changing room cum club house.

We then went further along the road to see and walk one of the best preserved and scenic areas of the Hadrian Wall. Looking at the terrain over which the wall was built it was an amazing building achievement by the Romans. As we walked the wall the weather started to change so we made our way to the Housesteads Roman Fort. The site was very busy.

Housesteads is the most complete example of a Roman fort anywhere in the UK. It stands high on Whin Sill escarpment. The fort was known as “Vercovicium”- “the place of effective fighters”. The fort was garrison for around 1000 infantry later reinforced by cavalry. As the rain came down we experienced how cold and inhospitable the location could be but it was fascinating to explore particularly an old roman street and seeing the forts latrines.

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