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Great Grandfather

A brisk walk into the village and up the hill to Coch Castle. Much of the history of Cardiff is tied up with the Bute family – A number of Marquis – the third believed to be the richest man in the world at the time. The family rebuilt the Cardiff Castle using the architect William Burges and also restored the small Coch Castle to be used as a summer place. Very rarely ever used apparently.

The family made most of their money from the shipping of coal and eventually owned huge tracts of land. In 1947 they returned to Scotland (from whence they came) and gave the castles back to the people of Cardiff.

This tiny castle quite fascinating.

After midday by the time we get back to Pierre. Off we go in search of the Roach Cemetery. First we find the St Margaret Church – I thought I saw something on the internet referring to the cemetery and the church.

Just as we get there a minister comes out of his driveway. We ask him about the cemetery – doesn’t ring a bell but he tells us that the graveyards surrounding the church were removed in about 1920. We are after the grave of my great grandfather, John Evans.

He suggests that we try the Cathay Cemetery and offers to lead us there – so off we go in convoy.

When we arrive the office is closed so we wander for a while and then have a late lunch. Just as we are about to leave a car arrives and the office is opened. In a minute we have the address for his grave (Section Y number 732) but the guy in charge says there isn’t a headstone so we may have to estimate the place.

Fortunately he is wrong and it takes us no time to find the grave with a lovely big headstone. Very glad we waited and were able to locate it. Note that his wife is not mentioned but he his son Howard is buried with him.

Not much left of the day so we head off to Porthcawl where we are spending the night.

Our rather odd B&B probably not in the best part of town. Right next to an amusement park which, thankfully, doesn’t work on Mondays. We walk along the promenade for a couple of hours. A tired looking town.

Many beaches, some sandy and others rocky. A lot of rubbish on the beach – even David doesn’t take his shoes off. This area has some of the highest tides in the world – although out when we go for our walk.

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