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On the way to Moorea.

Moorea port.

First night sunset.

Another night, another sunset.

Another night the same shark!?

Beach and Dive Boat.


Papeete, my christmas shopping list.

One word - Paradise.

Two words - Bloody expensive.

I spent 10 of my 12 nights here at one beach on the Island of Moorea a short ferry ride from Papeete, the capital on the main island of Tahiti. Quite possibly the most expensive place I've ever been, I lived off baguette and cheese or pate and local fruit for most of my time here. The local punch "Tahiti Drink" was quite addictive though. Daytimes were spent on the beach or snorkling followed by the ritual gathering on the beach terrace to watch the sun set. Once darkness set in the evening were a very boring affair, very few people could afford to drink in the bars nevermind eat out at restaurants, my average bed time was probably 9pm which gave a chance to get some sleep before the roosters started up at unearthly hours.

I did splash out on one dive trip which was worth it for the large Lemon Sharks and small Black Tip Reef Sharks, along with an abundance of less exciting tropical fish, most of which were just as easily seen snorkling off the shore. The pc I used to load the photographs had a very poor screen so I can't tell if the first shark picture is visible or not, it was taken standing on the rocks at the shore at night with a dozen sharks swimming right up to the shallows. No one had believed me until a few nights later when more sharks swam into the lagoon just before sunset.

I never got round to really exploring the island as I kept putting it off until "tomorrow" but my tan is great now as a consequence.

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