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Left Kribi for Limbe via Douala at 11:45, driver was very good and careful but made good time arr in Douala at 2:30. Getting a taxi to the place where the LP says we might get a shared taxi to Limbe we arr to find a minibus waiting to go to Limbe for 2,000 FCFA ea and tho we were the only 4 on it they said it would only take 15 min to fill. HA! Bon found a taxi which would take us for 10,000 so after we had waited more than 15 min we began transfering our bags to the taxi. A huge argument ensued betw the taxi & minibus drivers(a fellow started to let the air out of the taxi's tires!) Not wanting to get involved we grabbed another taxi to the regular bus stop about 5 km away.At the bus stop we waited until almost 4 pm before the minibus finally left, stopped several times to perform some mechanical repairs and arrived in Limbe about 6. Checking into King Williams Hotel after Jake bargained them down from 14000/room w/ one breakfast only to 25,000 for two AC rooms(remember it is VERY humid) and 4 breakfasts w/o omelet’s. It is so humid here I doubt I would sleep w/o AC!

The drive from Kribi to Douala was largely thru rainforests going thru the clearcut and burning process. From Douala(an ugly city from what we saw) to Limbe we drove past mile after mile of CDC land(Cameroon Development Corp.) planted in pineapple(presently being harvested), bananas(also being harvested), rubber tree plantation and palm oil plantation. It is a huge operation which basically supports the economy of the entire region.

In Limbe we checked into King Williams Hotel after Jake bargained them down from 14,000/rm w/ one breadfast to 25,000 for two AC rooms and 4 breakfasts w/o omelettes. It is so humid here I doubt I would sleep well if at all w/o AC.

Went to Limbe Wildlife Ctr. nxt day and Elvis our guide showed us drills, mandrills, gorillas, chimps, and vars other animals rescued, either confiscated from poachers or illegal shipments for pets or simply injured animals found in wild. Cameroon has the most in is one of only 3 countries with drills, mandrills and gorillas remaining in the wild. The drastic decrease in numbers in past 30 yrs have put them on the endangered list and if trends continue extinction w/in 20 yrs is likely!

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