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Spouting Horn - there she blows!

Looking east from Spouting Horn along the south shore of Kauai.

The resident chickens at Spouting Horn.


Stormy seas in the Poipu area today.


When you get to the end of this street make sure you...


We come here for the food - not the ambience!

Saimin and BBQ chicken - great lunch!

(Ron Writing) It was another blustery day so we opted to get our exercise in the recreation room. This afternoon we took a drive around Poipu and also stopped at "Spouting Horn". Spouting Horn is a small public park here in Poipu where there is a lava tube under water near shore. When the wave action is just right it forces water out of the lava tube straight up into the air. There was plenty of wave action today as you'll see on the pictures.

We also drove into Lihue and had lunch at Hamura's Saimin Stand. Saimin is sort of a noodle soup and somewhat of a staple food here in Hawaii. Hamura's has been in business for over 50 years in the same little shop on a crowded little side street. Whenever we go there we need to wait for a seat - they are busy all day and long into the night. To make good saimin you need really good noodles. The Hamura family makes their own noodles for the soup. They use over 300# of flour per day making noodles. Most of them are used in the little restaurant - both for dine-in and for takeout. Next time you visit Kauai just ask anyone where Hamura's is located, go there and order the special saimin, and enjoy.

Elena had fun baking cookies this evening. She's enjoying the full sized kitchen.

It was very windy today but we didn't get any rain. Tonight the sound of the wind and waves is very loud but there's no moonlight so we can't see the ocean. But I'm sure glad we're not out there in a boat!

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