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Welcome to the vineyards of the Hunter Valley!

I'm lost! Arrghh! Ah - a map. How kind.

Just think of the wine. 10 million bottles a year come out...

Scenic. Huh?

Helen and Gareth decide to take the 'birds eye view'.

The funky Hunter Valley town of Cessnock...

Yep... that all seems to be there.

We get airborne

Gareth in the back seat - well Helen is the boss!!

Helen takes control!

We are truly GLOBAL!

The Hunter Valley Gardens from above!

Helen gets to 'drive the plane!' Aw Yeah!

"Flaps Down", it's time to land!

Helen giggles as our 'jet' comes into land...

Meanwhile Helen's parents check out more of the local wine scene.

Our plane comes into land!

REAL!! Wild kangeroos in the distance - Honest!!

I have no idea.


The Hunter Valley has over 80 vineyards so it's time to "test" the various grapes in the region! World famous for producing excellent wines, the Hunter is a great place to get involved and try out all the different varieties out there! In the region there are various different varieties that you wouldn't normally see, including sparkling reds and sweet reds, but the quality was excellent!

Don't get me wrong though, we tasted some real rough juices, but some of the vineyards were fantastic! One vineyard just specialised in Champagne varieties! Yay!

We stayed in a very cheap great motel next to the Aerodrome (on little planes here though) for a bargain. Although we asked for a room that sleeps four, the whole "suite" had 13 beds. So space was not a problem! All this with a fridge, TV and wardrobe for $150 (about 50 quid) a night! Wahoo!

Obviously, as we were so close to the airport we ended up getting a scenic flight over the Hunter Valley. The pilot let Helen have a play with the controls too, very scarey and Gareth randomly decided that his new *latest ambition is to get a pilots licence. Riiight.

Hhmmmm. Not long after that the rains came. And then the return of the thunder and lightening, Aussie style!

Lots of love from Helen and Gareth x x x

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