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this was on the wall of our guest house, don't know what...

the pier in Thailand

the view going up the river

the houses lining the banks and how the locals do it!

our first glimps of Myanmar

crossing the 'river' that turned into a huge estuary!

the immigration checkpoint, not for us thank goodness but the one for...

on Myanmar soil!

woo hoo! welcome to myanmar!

we saw this in chumphon, lol, let me out!!!

Well it finally happened, after 8 months of travelling we got robbed!

We have heard many stories about bags being snatched, people going through your bags and even scams where you organise a trip and the tour company wants to know your hotel and room for pick up, then when you are on the trip your room is robbed!!!

We have always been careful, never leaving bags unattended, never giving our real hotel, just one nearby and all that so when we saw our bags safely loaded into one of the bus holds for yeterdays trip up to Ranong we thought that was that!

When we got off 6 hrs later I noticed that both my bag strapes to my bottom compartment were open but thought nothing of it at the time, especially when you are being bombarded with touts saying 'where you go?' 'you want room?' 'you want visa?' AARRRHHH its usually madness when you get off any bus.

Anyway that was that, till night time when we came to go in our bags in the hotel. I knew straight away someone had been in, then I noticed alot of stiff was missing, James thought someone had been through his too but nothing was taken thank goodness!

The bus that we came up on was still parked down the road from our hotel, waiting for the return trip in the morning, we saw a light on inside the bus and off we stormed, mad as hell!

The guy who worked on the bus was sleeping in it, we comfronted him about what was missing but for 20mins he denied any knowledge and wouldn't let us search the bus. Anyway after his friend had dissapeared into the back of the bus for 5 mins, in the dark, he came back and said fine search the bus! Suspicious or what, anyway we searched for about an hour, looking everywhere, even under the wheel arches, but couldn't find a thing. James wasn't giving up though, he knew they were lying and decided to search a big clump of bushes near the back of the bus. The guy who went in the back of the bus started panicing trying to get us to look elsewhere so we knew we were onto sommat!

Finally after 1 and half hours and infront of quite a big crowd now, James pulled my 2 jackets and my sleeping bag liner from deep within the bush!

The guy just stood there and continued to argue that he had never seen the stuff, what a lier and a thief! I was still missing my perfume and said we were gonna get the police so the guy, who claims to know nothing, went back on the bus and reappearded with my perfume!!!!!

He continued to deny it, all the time talking through a lovely lady from our hotel, because even though he spoke English to us earlier, he had suddenly lost the ability to understand anything we said!!

Anyway to cut a long story short we said we woulndn't call the police because I had all my things back and left it at that. In the morning the guy came round to appologise to us which was ok, but we just counldn't get over his constant lying!

Today we have been and bought padlocks for all the zip compartments, it's gonna be a bind but we just don't trust anyone anymore!

Anyway on a lighter note we did the run across the river today and set foot in Myanmar. And it was literally a foot, I think we were there all of about 5 mins but we managed to get photographic evidence that we touched land, lol! The people seemed really friendly and apparently there in no tax on alcohol, cigarettes and viagra in Myanmar, so the thais ofter come over for the cheapies, even we were offer all 3!!!

We are now in Chumphon on the east coast waiting to catch the night ferry to the island of Koh Tao, a divers and snorkellers paradise apparently! We are planning a long visit here to rest and relax and dive!

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