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New Slug - Ugh!


Thanks, Glad To Be Back

First, a little bit about the Redwood National/State Park:

California originally created State Parks to protect the Redwoods. Logging and other development on the borders of the parks still put the redwoods in danger.

A national park was created. All of the state parks are enclosed in the bigger area of the National Park. The state parks are still run by California. The whole thing is a joint national/state effort. We visited three state parks that are now enclosed in the national park. Makes perfect sense, right?

We check on our Banana Slug in the AM. It is still on our tree. We find another slug by the water hook up. This region is very wet. I do not like slugs even if they are yellow!

Today we relocate. We take Route 199 northeast. It passes through Jedediah State Park. It follows the rivers. The road twists and turns all the way to the Oregon border. It is very scenic but who has time to look? For six miles, we keep seeing signs that say road narrows.

We take a rest before the Oregon Border. Once in Oregon the road gets straighter. We continue to Grants Pass. In Grants Pass, we have to get on I5 for fifteen miles to Gold Hill and our new campground. There may be a better route but we do not know the roads yet.

There seems to be much to do here. It sounds like the fish are biting! Can this be true?

Campground: Medford/Gold Hill KOA

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