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Joani biked on the big street for the first time to go...

We went to Tapestry Church where during the worship they have a...

Nathan likes to play with the Nerf sword (see video)

Grandma's living is our dining room, homeschooling room, and also bedroom

The kids borrowed so many books from the library that Joani set...

The living space is also our excercise gym at night

Along the dike is an eagle nest with young eagles still not...

July 1st is Canada Day, celebrating the birth of Canada

Every July 1st, near where we stayed, is the Salmon Fest Parada

This is the first time the children had seen a parade live

During the parade we found out that Xiamen is the sister city...

Next to the parade is the Cannery Museam, where cans of Salmon...

Next to the parade is the Richmond fisherman's wharf

At the wharf, fishermen sell fresh salmon and shrimp right from the...

We bought fresh shrimp for USD 10 for 4 lbs

Because the shrimp is fresh, we ate it raw as sashimi Ama...

During the week, we took a trip to the Capilano River where...

Scenery at the Salmon Hatchery is majestic

Due to the building of a dam 50 years ago, an artificial...

Pictured here, a salmon tries to swim and jump up the white...

When the salmon reached the end, they wait here in this tank...

There are excellent hiking trails in thick forests next to the hatchery

Some giant Douglas Firs are 500-1000 years old

A view of the dam above the hatchery

View down from the top of the Cleaver Dam

View of the Capilano Lake formed by the dam

Pastor Lai and family treated us to McDonalds

We had rice wrapped roll at Rossano and Genevie's home

We celebrated David's graduation at the Mad Greek restruant

We had a nice, big supersize BBQ at Einer & Laura's house

Joani had a bag of chip at Einer's place that's "Joani sized"

We had a group picture with Einer Family and Kip Family

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Nathan playing sword fight with Joani

(MP4 - 1.34 MB)

Canada Parade in Richmond

(MP4 - 872 K)

Salmon go up this artificial river to lay eggs

(MP4 - 1.25 MB)

The dam behind the artificial hatchery


After three weeks, we've settled well into Richmond, Vancouver. We biked everywhere, to church, park, stores, restruants, beach, library, etc. At Annie's mom place, the only living space is our kitchen, dining room, bedroom, home schooling room, play room. This month in Canada we got a taste of the way people live in HK!


July 1st is the national holiday celebrating the birth of Canada. There were flags everywhere and we got several small flags to put on our bike as we biked to the Salmon Fest Parade at Stevenston's wharf. It was the kids first time seeing a parade live and up close. There were all sorts of floats, some were more like advertisements. One group showed that Xiamen and Qingdao are friendship cities with Vancouver. Olivia was so excited she insisted that we get a good spot and finish the entire parade.

After watching the parade, we went to the Cannery Museam next door, which was built inside the former Salmon Cannery which used to process fresh salmons into salmon cans. It was free today, otherwise it would have been USD 8 per person.

We also went to the fisherman wharf to buy fresh seafood right off the fishing boat docked on the piers. There were fresh salmon, crabs, and shrimps. We bought 4 lbs of fresh shrimps for 10 USD after the fisherman let us eat it raw, because it was so fresh. We quickly got it home and eat almost 2 lbs of it raw wit washabi sauce like Ami Ebi Sashimi! Very good indeed.

Salmon Hatchery

As a break from homeschooling, we spent half a day at a nearby Salmon Hatchery north of Vancouver, called Capilano. Every year about 10,000 salmon swam up the Capilano river to thier birth place to mate and lay eggs (2 millions young salmons are released every year from here). 50 years ago, a dam was built on the river so the government created an artifical "river ladder" so that the salmon and still swim/jump up the rapids to lay eggs, preserving the ecological system. Part of the river ladder has glass panels so that one can see the salmon jump up. Unfortunately, July is the early season when salmon returns so only 200 of them have made it back so far. Oct/Nov would be the best time.

The Capilano River is located in between scenic cliffs, full of green, lushous, tall trees. There are many hiking trails surrounding the hatchery. We hiked around and up on top of the Cleaveland Dam. The dam is very narrow and has almost vertical drop down creating roaring, plunge of white water, which afterwards rising up as mists. We really enjoyed the whole experience.


One thing we enjoyed about the visit back is to see the many friends, which also means lots of dinner dates. The past 7 days we went out 6 times. It was wonderful but it also means gaining our weight back again...Annie's brother, David, graduated a month ago and it was good to celebrate with him in person.

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