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Willie and Blayde taking a break in Old Town Spring, TX.

Old Town Spring, TX

Old Town Sring, TX

Blayde and his Mommy in Old Town Spring, TX. Isn't this a...

Some of the great shops in Old Town Spring, TX.

Blayde smiled the moment we put his new clown ruffle on and...

Since we woke to a sunny warm day (albeit windy) off we went to see some local sights. First on our “need to see while in the area” list was Old Town Spring, TX.

Old Town Spring was originally Orcoquiza Indian land. The Spaniards moved into the area in 1746 and then some of Stephen F. Austin’s colonists settled into the area in the 1820’s. According to the free guide booklet we picked up, the population was all of 153 people in 1840. Then, in the mid-1840s, German immigrants moved into the area and began farming the land. Encouraged by what the Germans were doing, immigrants from Louisiana and the postbellum south then started moving in making sugar cane and cotton the primary cash crops (while still raising vegetables, too). But of course, as in many towns, the railroad was built and caused a considerable boom in the population and the town grew up quickly.

After various ups and downs during the 1900s, Old Town Spring has now become a tourist attraction and boasts over 150 specialty shops… and we tried to visit each one! The walking was good for us and the fresh spring-like air was enjoyable. Blayde made out the best as we ended up stopping into four different pet boutiques and bought him a treat or goodie from each one!

We resisted the various shops full of tempting food (trying to watch our waistlines more these days) but found plenty of other enjoyable shops to peruse. I particularly liked the German Gift House with its many authentic wooden toys, Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks, glass ornaments, table linens, beer steins and nutcrackers. Another shop, Just For The Birds, was fun to wander through, too, as they had so many beautiful bird houses, feeders and bird/squirrel related items.

After nearly walking our feet off we decided that was enough sightseeing for one day and took Clyde for an oil change and lube. Now the remainder of the evening can be spent resting and getting caught up on emails. We really enjoyed our day in Old Town Spring and are glad we drove over to check it out.

Happy Travels, Rebecca

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