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Hey guys

We have left Phuket now and headed north but not before going on our diving trip yesterday. It was great, we did 2 dives around coral reefs and got to see loads of fish and a sea snake! That was cool, James had seen them before but I haven't yet, they look pretty awesome swimming in ther sea! Our other dive was at a wreck, the king cruiser, it was a car ferry that went down durning a routine crossing and has provided the dive community with a great site!

Its pretty deep at 30m and visability was down to about 10m as there was a noticable current but we got to swim through the hull of the ship, it was great. We went through one of the doors in her side and swam around the car deck and out through a window!! Then we went back into the hull through the huge hole in her belly, from when she hit the reef, and swam around that! Too cool, its fantastic and a strang feeling to be swimming around it like that!!

Anyway we have headed north to Ranong as we have been in Thailand nearly a month and need to renew our visa. You have to physically leave the country and come back in so we have come to Ranong. On the other side of the river is Myanmar (was called Burma!) so tomorrow we are going to cross the river and set foot on another country for all of about an hour, woo hoo!!! Still its another stamp in our passports!! Are we getting sad!!! HHMMMMM!

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