2017 Trip East to see the Colors travel blog

We left West Virginia in cool weather on 9-2-17 and were headed to Pennsylvania – near Gettysburg. We were just not feeling well and the trip took us a bit longer than we planned so we had a long driving day but there were two highlights

1. Tom’s back hurt enough that he had to let me drive for about 100 miles, which did not help with his comfort level and ..

2. We pulled into a gas station that was empty until we were ready to leave and then there were cars everywhere!!! I went into the store to ask a couple of people to move their vehicles before we accidentally moved them. I went back outside and there was a lot of noise – Rio the cat had jumped out the window and was running around making an awful howling/caterwauling type sound. Tom’s back hurt but he was on the ground trying to coax Rio closer. There were suddenly 5 people who were trying to help get this cat back. At the very least we needed to keep him within 10 feet of where the truck was or he was going to be lost. To all the people who helped I was very grateful – four of them were full of ideas and advice. Angel #5 was a calm soul and somehow she coaxed Rio in to her arms and she was able to hand him over to me.

So now we were driving across northern Maryland and it is suddenly so foggy we can hardly see 100 feet in front of us – stop # 2. The fog cleared and we headed north to Dillsburg, PA. It was almost magical as we drove through the south central farmland. My sister and I were Army brats and the longest we lived anywhere was 2 years in Pennsylvania with my mom’s grandparents – because our father was sent overseas.. We were both born in PA and so we always said we were from PA – and our grandparents lived in Bethlehem, PA so that was home.

Farms in PA are bigger and cheerier. The barns have stone foundations and they are huge and old. Crops grow right up to the road and yards are very neat and tidy. I have very fond memories of living in PA.

So we got to Dillsburg and Tom just did not feel well – he even let me do the set-up connections. For 2 days we just kind of nursed ourselves and then Tom actually needed some medical attention so we dealt with that and 2 days of rain. Our stay went from 7 nights to 9 nights and we had to change our itinerary up to let Tom get his strength back.

We did get a road trip to the Amish country between York and Lancaster. We did not get out of the car but we did see a few buggies on the road and both the grocery store and the hardware store had a buggy parked in their lots – there are parking spaces reserved for them and it is a glance back in time. I did not take pictures as a matter of respect.

A big reason for the PA stop was to go to Bethlehem to share memories with Tom and to visit the “family” cemetery. I was not prepared to give that up so we have moved on to the Pocono Mountains just North of Bethlehem. I will be back with an update in a couple of days. OH – BTW -Tom is doing fine and I am getting over my cold.

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