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Long-tail boats at the beach

Beach view from restaurant

Dining al fresco

Setting sun from the restaurant


Ahhh... a satisfying meal.

April 1, 2016.

Eke wakes up at approx. 1:30 am to a lot of coughing and noise. She has to go to the bathroom and finds Tony (our tour leader) downstairs looking very pale and burning up. He is feeling so badly that Mr. Ae is bringing him back to the hospital.

We feel quite a bit better although still weak when we get up in the morning. The meds are working! Tony is still in the hospital and is getting fluids. Nobody knows when he is being discharged. He may not be able to continue as our tour leader and in that case Intrepid will send us another leader to finish the trip.

At 7:00 am we have a good breakfast of fresh fruit: pineapple and water melon. The rest is several sticky rice mixtures wrapped in green leaves. They all taste good - mostly sweet.

We are picked up at 7:30 am by a minivan and driver to go to our next hotel in Krabi, Ben's House. It takes only about 20 minutes to get there. Our rooms are ready - equipped with air conditioning!

Our room is on the 6th floor - no elevators! Before you feel sorry for us carrying our big backpacks up 6 flights of stairs, we do need to let you know that the main floor is really the 4th floor!

Brian discovers that he left the computer at the homestay and we have no idea of the address! The desk manager of the hotel is very helpful. She calls the hotel driver who knows where the homestay is and he will pick it up for us!

We decide not to go on a kayaking trip and instead take it easy. We venture out for a walk later on and really feel the heat! We buy a loose fitting summer dress for Eke and a bathing suit for Brian. (He had left his behind somewhere.) Then we have some lunch in nice open air restaurant with a view of the bay. Walking back (slowly) we work up a sweat in no time and decide to go for a swim in the pool at the hotel. We spend some time in our room working on our trip journal, freshen up and get ready to go out for some dinner.

We walk down to the beach and find a really nice spot on the second floor of a beachside restaurant. We have a beautiful view of the bay and the setting sun. A very nice end to this day. Walking back we go by a tourist information booth and reserve a private long-tail boat for tomorrow. The boat will take us to four different islands in the bay. We prefer doing it privately so we do not have to buy a whole day package deal; we can return any time we want.

We hear that Tony, our tour leader is being kept another day in hospital and will probably be discharged tomorrow afternoon.

So ends April Fools Day.

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