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Driving to Chandler, AZ

Lots of desert between cities

A Chandler Ostrich

Chandler Elks Lodge

My 4th cousin, Melanie Filichia

On our street in the RV Resort

Music Jam across the street from our site

The Quilt Club put on a Quilt Show

Beautiful colors

I love this one

Beautiful Flight of the Phoenix

Pretty in pigtails

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Music Jam Session

During my genealogy searches, I found a 4th cousin who was very helpful in linking a couple more generations to my tree. She lives in Mesa, so we decided to meet for lunch in Chandler. After a nice lunch in a touristy part of town, we all went to the Chandler Elks to visit longer. While Larry enjoyed chatting with a couple Elks and getting me another Lodge pin for my collection, Melanie and I gabbed about dead ancestors.

Chandler is noted for its annual Ostrich Festival. Initially, agriculture was the primary business in Chandler, based on cotton, corn, and alfalfa. During the 1910s, there were ostrich farms in the area, catering to the demand for plumes used in women's hats of the era. This demand ebbed with the increasing popularity of the automobile, but the legacy of the ostrich farms would be commemorated by the Ostrich Festival.

This is why there are there are Ostriches in Chandler, AZ.

Back at the RV Resort, we were enjoying the activities. I went to two Genealogy classes and the Quilting Show, worked out in the pool each morning while Larry walked the park chatting with the guys and watching the Remote Car Races. We were invited by one of the neighbors to join them a a couple others for a happy hour. Fun Canadians, good food.

Another afternoon our neighbor across the street had a musical jam session. There were several guitars, a banjo, keyboard, harp, wind instruments and lovely singing voices. They were doing old and new country songs, some 50’s oldies, lots of diversity.

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