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First things first,

After leaving the little Gaul Village that we all know so well, we left the hotel with it's friendly staff and drove to the archaeological site of "Valli Dei Templi". Four ancient temples built for purpose by the Dorians (who's that?) in dorian style.

Beautiful weather and a nice spot to remind you how and why people were building this in the first place. Not a job for volunteers I suggest. Still archaeological discoveries are made here and there's a site where people are still brushing and cleaning the stones with toothbrushes to discover even more rubble and debris under the soil.

At around 12:00 we left and drove via Catania to Milazzo, passing Messina Strait, to join the ferry from Milazzo to Lipari at 18:30. What a day. And nice weather, no more rain and/or clouds. A stopover at a refuge in Messina gave us a beautiful view over Messina Strait.

Once in Milazzo, with some basic shopping at the shopping mall, we lined up for the Lipari ferry which left on time!!!

At 20:30 sharp, we arrived at the port of Lipari, where we had to drive 1,6Km to the hotel. Believe it or not, but once I left the ferry, an Italian already managed to overtake me in the narrow streets. Like the French, always in a hurry and never arrive on time.

My car-navigation didn't reveal all of the streets in Lipari, so I managed to get lost on the only main street the island has!!!!!

Driving back down again to the harbour and starting all over, was more successful, or so I thought. Then after entering a small street, which appeared to be a dead-end street I had to drive backwards for about 300m between wrongly parked vehicles on both sides, at night!!! Where's my bigger car!!!!!!

We finally found the hotel and were welcomed by Massimo as if we were VIP's. Fantastic hotel, big quadruple room and tomorrow, Panarea and STROMBOLI!!!!

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