it's off to Central America travel blog

last walk in Piste

















a zip line acroos the lake



small market part of the hotel




hot bug lol






local band

sunset over the lake


a local dog



hot right off the grill


yard by the hotel needs a bit of yard work lol




this morning I get checked out of my hotel after a very nice stay and get my bus to Coba this time is a second class bus coming from Merida going to Tulum and it is already full so had to stand until they drop a few people off along the way. By the time I got to my stop at Coba there was only standing room and the bus was packed with people and this was not even one of the chicken bus lol. The bus stopped right across from my hotel, Hotel Sac-be and again was able to get checked in early nice a walk to the ruins entry to check it out for the next day some lunch and back to hotel to kick back a bit. A walk about the town only one street and very quite not lot of tourist stay here most are on a day trip to the ruins and back out. Had dinner with the hotel nice a couple beers and off to bed a bit early no night lol decided to ending my trip early heading home APRIL FOOLS LOL

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