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Departed after breakfast in the rainforest

Hank & Elaine

Open Air Catholic Church

Jesus Lizard

This is a great group, 9 couples and two older women in their 90’s. By breakfast this morning we have all come to know one another. My Uncle is now “Uncle Bob” to the entire group. However, when someone offered me their chair so I could sit close to “my friend” I immediately corrected them and told them he was not my friend, he was my Uncle. One can choose their friends but they must do the best they can with what the good Lord sends them for an Uncle. Everyone laughed.

Our first stop was the small town of La Fortuna for a shopping/snack/potty break. This is a very Catholic country and across from where our bus was parked was a lovely little church. We also came across a “Jesus Lizard” on a tree. Seems this lizard when it has to cross any water does so running across the top of the water on its two hind legs and tail in the upright position……appears to “walk on water” hence the name.

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