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Hydrophonic Strawberry's

Local attraction


Oldest School House

Salcedo House

Jorge Biassou house

The Group

Candy strolling

Entrance Flagler College

Ceiling of lobby

Flagler College garden


Stained Glass window

Stained glass


Another beautiful day that started out with a rain storm around 5:00 am so I thought we could be in for a day of rain, but it stopped after about 30 minutes and the day turned out great. This turned out to be another one of those days that I want to run thru the streets of St. Augustine naked.

There was a large flea market we saw when we arrived just off I-95 that we wanted to visit this morning so away we went. Guess what, it was just another flea market with the same stuff kind of overpriced as usual. The interesting point of this trip was the Hydroponic strawberry’s that were being grown next to the flea market. As you see in the picture they are in pots hanging on racks with the water system overhead. The person told us this was not a good time for strawberry’s because the season was ending, so we didn’t get any but it was interesting.

Drove back to the campsite to wait for Brian and Eydee, Marsha’s son and wife, they drove down from Jacksonville to spend the day with his mother. They showed up and we decided where we were going to visit today. Brian had never been on the Flagler College tour so we decided that would be our 2:00 pm appointment. We drove downtown to a very large crowd, there was a seafood festival going on and between the many tourists going there, just the normal weekend crowd, lots of people. Our first area was to walk St. George Street, it is 4 blocks long with no vehicle traffic. There are the normal tourist stores, bars, restaurants, and historic building. I did get a picture of the oldest school house in the United States and the home of Jorge Biassou, the first black General in the country. The placard explains his history. After the walk thru St. George Street it was time to wander over to Flagler College for our 2:00 pm tour. As you see by the pictures it is a grand hotel for the very rich. The first picture is the entrance into the hotel thru the gardens, the second is part of the garden. The next picture is the lobby and lobby ceiling which must have been 40 feet to the top. We were taken into the Grand Dining room which is used by the students of the college, by the way did I mention it cost $25, 00.00 per year to attend if you can get accepted. In the pictures you see all the Tiffany glass windows which are insured for $125 million dollars. This was very impressive for something that was built in the late 1800’s, at that time it was called the Ponce de Leon hotel. It only took 18 months to complete the total building process and install electric lighting, 3 years before the White House had electric lighting. If you would like to know more, go to the web site www.flagler.edu/.

After our tour Brian told us he knew a Greek restaurant down the street, Athena Restaurant, so away we went to have lunch. I did get a picture of all sitting at the table with our pretty waitress, a Greek lady, the food was very good. It was time to head back to the motorhome for the night to relax from a very busy day. Brian and Eydee drove back to Jacksonville for the night but will be here in the morning to pick up Marsha and Roger for a visit to Orlando. Marsha and Roger are going to stay with them for the next week while we are in Ft. Myers.

A couple from Utah that is parked next to us came in yesterday so we were talking last night about things to do in St. Augustine, they had never been here. We told them about the Vintage Car Tours and what a pleasure it was with Chris and Kathy Martin the owner/operators of the tour. They called and took the tour today and truly enjoyed it. Next thing we know Chris and Kathy are at our door, they came out to drop off some brochures in the office but it was closed. They knew we were in this campground so they found us and we had a nice chat, just super people, they thanked us for sending business their way. That just about ends our evening of doing, now it is time to just lay around and enjoy the 70 degree weather.

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