2013 North Carolina travel blog

Carolina Aviation Museum

Mircale on the Hudson

Plane A-320

Plane A-320 other view

Damage under

Dash explain


Roger as Pilot


Since the plan was to visit the Carolina Aviation Museum we had time to just sit around because it didn’t open until 10:00 am and we were only a half hour from it. We did leave around 9:00 am to drive over to the museum, was not sure how traffic would be driving into Charlotte to get to the airport. It wasn’t a bad drive so we did get to the museum about 15 minutes early, that give Roger and myself time to get the scooter out. We got into the museum which is an old hanger that the group refurbished for the displays they have. The center piece of the museum was the US Airways A-320 airbus that was landed in the Hudson River in 2009 by the pilot Capt. Sullenberger with all passengers surviving the plane crash. They have the entire plane on display as you see in the pictures. The reason the plane is at the Carolina Aviation Museum is the plane was based out of Charlotte Airport, so they wanted to bring it home.

When we were on the USS North Carolina I was telling everyone about the first destroyer I was on, DD717 USS Theodore Chandler, we had a remote control helicopter that was flown for anti submarine warfare. It carried 2 torpedo’s that once the submarine was located the torpedo’s would be released to sink the submarine. The reason I tell this, you will see in the picture the remote control helicopter or as we called it DASH, Drone Anti-submarine Helicopter, this was the first step in the UAV’s of today, Drones.

We spent 2 hours touring the museum and had quite a conversation with one of the volunteer’s that was ex navy, so we had some special attention, he saw my Navy Veteran hat. As you will see in the pictures also, Roger is now a fighter pilot.

The drive to the Bob Evans Farms area was very pretty into the mountains with the peaks cloud covered and the sun shining on the mountains, just a beautiful sight. The drive was a little longer then I thought it would be because we didn’t get here until 7:30 pm. We didn’t have a camp site because we found out that the campground at Bob Evans Farm was full but we could park in a field if we wanted. Candy found that the Gallipolis Fairgrounds had camp sites so she called, they had sites with full hook up so away we went to the fairgrounds. Got set up and now planning for tomorrow.

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