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Reversing Falls Between Tides

Reversing Falls when tides were going out causing the St. John River...

Ceiling of the City Market - The Bottom of a Boat

Today we drove 72 miles in pouring rain to St. John, New Brunswick, Canada. We are staying at a City owned park called Rockwell Park Campground. It is nothing fancy but we are on gravel with water and electric. Even though it rained most of the day, we had fun with all our old and new friends. There are only 21 of us, but we get to be with everyone and have a great time.

We went to the Reversing Falls which is considered both a spectacular event and natural phenomenon. Twice daily the tides of the Bay of Fundy reach such heights that they actually force the Saint John River to change direction and flow up river. They are the highest tides in the world. The rapids at the mouth of the river actually change direction and that is why it is called Reversing Falls. We actually stopped here twice. The first time the river was just slowly moving along. We went in and watched a 15 minute movie that told about the falls. We then went back around 5:30 PM and then got to see the dramatic difference. There were lots of birds that would fly up to the top of the water flow, land in the water and float backwards in the rapids catching little fish. After their catch, they would start all over again.

Another place we went to for a couple of hours while we were here, was the Brunswick Square Shopping Mall and City Market. The City Market was kind of interesting. The ceiling of the market is the bottom of a ship. There were some local crafters selling their wares. There were food vendors where you could buy a bite to eat and there were all kinds of fruits and vegetables, including seaweed that you could buy to eat. One of our group sampled some of the seaweed. He had to buy some quiche and ice cream to eat to get the taste out of his mouth.

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