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Entrance looks exciting...

Crater was too large to get a good shot

Another side of the crater

Today we decided to drive 35 miles east to the site of the Meteor Crater. This is designated as a natural landmark. We didn't realize until we got there that it is actually privately owned. After paying the pricey entrance fee we toured a nicely presented museum about meteors and moon rocks. It would have been fun to see with kids because of the interactive displays. We saw a short film which turned out to be a community service commercial about how to keep meteors from hitting the earth in the future. We also took the tour along the rim of the crater where we learned the history and geology of the crater. We were shown the American flag and 6ft cutout of an astronaut in the bottom of the crater left there to commemorate the Apollo astronauts who trained there because it was similar to the moon surface. Here again the winds were over 40mph. After 30 min. of that you feel like you've been in a hurricane. At least we got something for our entrance fee.

This trip was...interesting. Overpriced but interesting .

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