Atlantic Canada by Bicycle 2013 travel blog

We started today with two new members - a couple on a tandem. They were not able to complete the ride last year so have come back to finish where they left off.

A 20-30 km/hr tailwind today shot us into Shediac to see the famous lobster sculpture in no time at all. We stopped for the photo op and then carried on.

The road to Murray Beach was under construction. Big chunks of loose stone and washboard where the stones were worn away. Another day I where I was happy to have a shock!

The campground was right on the water with a sandy beach so many went swimming. I measured the water temperature - 24C - so it holds true the statement that the Northumberland strait has the warmest water north of Virginia. From the edge of the campground we could see the Confederation Bridge - our first stop tomorrow morning.

Yesterday's incident report had two riders stung by wasps. One a direct hit next to the jugular and the other found the wasp in her jersey. Fortunately no adverse reactions. The rider with the neck sting has been stung on the tonsils in the past so this was a minor event.


87.7 km

420 m climbing

41.8 km/hr max

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