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our beautiful home

another sunset

a nearby beach

We stayed in a cabana at Hotel Rockaway, right across the road from Zicatela Beach which has the biggest waves I've ever seen - surfers had to be towed out by jet skis and some days the surf was so huge that there was no one surfing at all. Because the currents are so strong, swimming is not allowed so Zoe and I hung out at the next beacg along for most of our stay.

We really loved Puerto Escondido. The weather was fantastic, the people are wonderful, food and accomodation are cheap and the beaches are absolutely gorgeous. It is such a paradise.

We spent most days sleeping in, then going out for breakfast and swimming at the beach. In the afternoons, we would have a siesta (when in Rome...) then later swim in the pool at our hotel and enjoy a corona or two. The nights were almost as hot as the days but we were lucky to have two fans in our cabana and a bed each to spread out on.

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