RV Trip to places we missed and some we have already seen travel blog

stopped at a wildlife site that once was a river now only...

history of the swamp



the moving unit


city of Canandaigua, New York


lake off in the distance


entering the city of Watkins Glen, NY

love this intersection, you would see it on my 2006 trip journal...

We left Niagara Falls Labor Day morning and are now spending two nights here in Watkins Glen, NY. We were here in 2006 and loved it. Unfortunately it has been cloudy and sprinkling on and off all day (Tuesday). Tomorrow we will head towards New York City. The great thing about this campground though is there is a park across the street that is "dog friendly" so we take Sham over there and throw the tennis ball for awhile with her to get some of her "pent up" energy blown out. It is beautiful here except for the clouds. Lake Seneca is huge, 16 miles long. The scenery is beautiful but "no thank you" for their winters. The weather is "muggy" too, not used to that.

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